WHY MY BLOG IN IDLE STATE? nah… i dont know, but when i look back,i realized that im just being busy with my life, i have less n less time to reflashback what i have done, less n less time to write whats inside my head, the point is, im just hv less time for my own…..

do i regret it? emm… thats hard to me to answer, even though sometime i miss my old life i feelin blessed to hv my current life, bc if i hv an option to sacrifice my current life to hv my old life back, im sure ill pass that option. bc i know ill be sad, n bc leaving my old life was my own decision in order to move forward. so here im, hv less time to write my blog. n i miss many moments/toughts to be documented properly. but since i hv free time now ill try to write down what i hv missed for this blog.

so ill take a look back why i decide to make this blog. its gonna be a long story,  but i’ll try to (not) make it simple :p

here my 1st blog’s post https://blumontego.wordpress.com/2009/10/14/yeeeyy-blog-pertama-saya-post-pertama-jg-hoho/ acttually i had couples blogs, and all of those r serious blog bout tutorials and only last under 5 post :p poor things they were just been cloud junk hehe… but in this blog i had clear concept, i dnt care bout the reader, i just need a tool to expressing my thought, and as the time goes, i did realize that this blog can be a tool to documenting my life n thought. this post explain what this blog really meant to me https://blumontego.wordpress.com/2010/07/02/arti-ngeblog-bagi-saya/?preview=true&preview_id=372&preview_nonce=0c5468438f

at those moment that was my 1st stage how my life change a bit since i have this blog, at this stage i was like someone who just open his own windows n doors n make a note what he saw from his home, n what happen surround him inside the house. since my nature r a shy guy, at this stage im just post sumtin i knew, n my opinion restricted on my limited live so no wonder most all my post was tutorials n opinion, since my hobby was ngoprek2, anything as long as it was technology n i had facilities to done it.

as my post bout opinions n myself growing, i became more open minded, not as shy as before, honestly i was trully shy pereson, i dnt even dare to had a conversation with a girl i like, of had conversation only for short period,, so when i was finished my Tugas Akhir a girl through my friend said that she likes me, n then my friend pushed me to “nembak” her countlessly, n that was my 1st relation, hehehe…. btw that just sling lets back to the stage, since i start bloging im not that shy, i do hv courage to talk to stranger he/she, my 1st stranger friend is putri respati here her picture below


i meet her when i was waiting for nasi goreng pinggir jalan, n i saw her hold a “nexus one”… n inside my head rushing, oh “really dude?? such a girl have 1st android hand held in her hand?” even for nerdy like me thats only a dream to have it since that phone not available in indonesia (that was on oct 2010, that time even most geek dnt know what android is, nokia sembian was a king, n blackberry in prosess to steal nokia’s throne :P) n for someone like me who in really in love with android oprekin android, developing aplication for android, even most of post at that time was android tuts meet a girl (not a men) hold a nexus one freakin me crazy, so i start conversation to her “itu nexus one ya?”, “ya lo tw ini nexus one?” . “iya gw ngincer itu handphone tp ga keluar di indo”, ” lo pengguna android?” , “ya gw pake dell” , ” oh itu ya dell lo? waktu itu gw ikut opening cremony ny di plaza indonesia pas peluncuran, tp gw ga beli karena kegedean”, ” iya emg gede sih, tp pengalaman gw pake hp touchscreen galaxy spica sebelumny, semakin besar layar semakin enak dipake untuk touchscreen” dan bla bla we were closer in no time was like we already bestfriend before meet :p n we share our twiter, n comunicating with it. in the next year at january i bought my 1st bicycle to fullfil my desire to bike to work, n at almost the same time i just noticed she just bought a bike too. so we decide to meet up again with her friend mas dd who also a geek to 😛 but he was a apple fanboy so three of us always in such meaningless debate then :p but my 1st journey with my bike start with them, have a trip to jakarta-bogor, puncak, nite ride, dll…..


n from that momen i become trully fall in love with my bike,, n i adimiring both of them my strangers friend 🙂 but eventually mas dd no longer hv free time since he alredy a GF, but thanks to them they hv brought me to move to the 2nd stage, at this stage i was like a man who found his tool (bike) to take a look outside the window, outside the doors, out side the house, i learn sumtin about advanture n a bigger world outside the barrier my tiny house. learn about life itself, know more about my self. n gettin addicted to adventure. wise ppl once said” dont be affraid of being lost, becouse when u r lost you will find ur self” n then i was going feaky addicted, i dnt mind if i hv an adventure with strangers, n i dnt mind too if i hv an adventure all by myself bc i was sure ill meet another stranger along the journey, talk to stranger is awsome u can share about ur dream, storys, inpirations, that would makes u appreciate bout ur self n others. at this stage if i were in traveling i will done it with fullest, facinating to experiencing new things,and wondering whose strangers ill meet next..


at this stage i feelin i had found myself, totally free to do what i want to do, free to expressing my pasions, n every time i was feeling blue, biketouring/bikepacker will heal my gloomy mood immediately,,, n that hv impact in how i see things in life. i feelin i had balanced life at that time, i think i did equaly both my life n my religious life, life to the fullest, so it’s true when my bike friends says that touring will keep your mental health :p, n i did post more about adventure n about life that time

n as my adventure goes on, i think bout my future,, bout mariage, jobs, financial planing,,, n i did step by step goals to achieving it,, n till i found her during my adventure, “her” who will be my wife now. u can visit this post a sling story bout my bike n how i meet her =>https://blumontego.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/story-about-me-and-biking/

lil story bout how i “nembak” her, acctually i didnt do it directly since i dont have enough courage, so i try with old school ways by sent her a bad handwriting letter along with a sketch of her picture :p. n i also not give it to her directly, secretly i put it into dvd that she borrow from me, in purpose that she will found it when she want to watch the dvd. but poor me she never open my dvd n didnt realize theres a letter in dvd, so i texted her to open the dvd a week latter, heheheh 😛 and then she wrote back to me with better handwriting letter :p n we both officially in relationship heheh…


from here, my i spend almost of my free time with her. never goin for traveling alone or with stranger anymore, i start doin advanture only with her or with my n her friends so i cnt do spontaneous travel anymore and hv less time for posting in blog. but im happy i spent almost all my own free time for her. n im feelin blessed to hv GF like her. n at least i still can do some adventure with her, such as a trip in karimun jawa with her friends, the trip is so memoriable



so this’s the 3rd stage where i only post more about my opinion what i saw in society n my collage task, n as the time goes by we had to preparing our wedding then less n less time for bloging, i even rarely think about it. many things happen during that time but i cant documenting  properly,only just a few snap n post on social media n bla bla bla,,, i wish i had time to write it down on my blog 😦 …. emmm but atleast i hv picture of it, here one of what i had prepared for my wedding, a mas kawin in mozaik coin of our pic :p n we done it in 1 month hehe


we made it from scratch, i made a skets with photoshop, n my wife made a guidline parttern in autocad, then we arrange it with gun glue+coin on 50% disc fabric :p n we were proud of our prakarya hehe… n not only that, i was been busy to develop a wedding website/blog http://adimisdai.wix.com/adi-nia it took a lot effort, but i like it. even though i wasnt doin bloging, but that website more likely a blog to me, a blog but more advance since many things i sud costimizing it not just bout the content like ordinary blog, i sud think to redesaign the website… but im glad it works n look like i was imagined 🙂

then here we go. we finally married in 19 april 2014 n she got pregnant a month after. so i cnt even do a traveling, my only adventure is in our home and the 400m mall grand indonesia, a mall which i called warung since it’s so close to our home :p i rode my bike only for bike to work or car freeday on the weekend 😦 i hv less n less n less more time for bloging…. did i regret it? nahh… im cool with it, to hv a beautiful wife like her, n i did realize, to hv sumtin what u dreaming of, sumtime u need sacrifce what u had,, n like the lyric of song that i used to listen “fairy tale of new york” by walk off the earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZD6elqbb1o part of it’s lyrics said

I could have been someone
Well so could anyone
You took my dreams from me
When I first found you
I kept them with me babe
I put them with my own
Can’t make it all alone
I’ve built my dreams around you

thats makes me realize when i was confusing bout all my plans didnt turn out like i was expecting since i hv another unplaned priority to do,that’s okey with me, but theres always sumtime i really missing my old time, bc what i does now more like routine, so beside i hv less n less n less time, i dnt even hv sumtin interesting to post, n if i had, i really dosent hv time/me time to write a post,so if i need dopamin i’ll fullfill it with watching movie or playing mobile game. :)) those r very suitable for sumone who traped in their routine.. but sumtime i just think i just not found myself at this stage, not free to be myself like b4, but it’s okey, maybe i just need an adaptation in my new life till i can feel the flow n ejoyin its every stream 🙂

yup from that stage i become more attatch n busy dealing with my life, n that is the reason why i missed documenting my life in this blog, my clear vision bout this blog become blurry, my determination to makes note in every special moments in my life not quite works, i even forgot that i hv blog heheh :p. n here im at the 4th stage i hv another special persons in my life, more special than my blog (i think or just my excuse). i have kids… yup, not a kid, not one, i hv twins n they r all boys :p n i predict i’ll completely will not goin in adventure any more. or just not yet,maybe i just need couple years till i can take my fam goin adventure 2gether even not as extreme as i was doin alone. but im sure i sud take another advanture for our happines, like what this article tells http://www.fastcoexist.com/3043858/world-changing-ideas/the-science-of-why-you-should-spend-your-money-on-experiences-not-thing?partner=rss&utm_content=buffer49347&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer happiness is bout experience, so we need to spend our money for experience rather than a thing an physical object, maybe we can be happy if we spend time for sumting we want like phone, car, collections, but by buy those things only makes u happy termporary, as ur experience bout ur things get bored, u’ll not happy any more n u’ll be demanding sumting bigger, a more expensive gadget n car, n u’ll get bored faster if u see ur friend or sumone hv gadget or car better than yours :p so if u spend ur money for experiencing an advanture u’ll hv more long lasting happiness, even u hv back to your routine, but if sumone ask bout ur advanture, u’ll tell them enthusiastically n thats will increase ur happines at that moment :p

okey enough for that artikel, back to my kids :P, here my twins


the older brother is reikan misda naratama, n the younger is emisha misda naraarya, they both have the same meaning, 1st name is inpiration/inspirator n the middle name is my middle name, heres the meaning https://blumontego.wordpress.com/about/ and the 3rd it mean honorable, so i hope they will grow up to be an honorable person by inspiring other ppl n nvr forget to hv faith to their god 🙂 but everytime somone ask me whats their nick name? emm…. i dnt even know which cooler between nata&naya, sami&remi, reikan&emisha,, so pick which one more suitable to your tounge n feel free to call them (* in the end i cnt even decide it T.T)

so thats what my blog missed, what important moment/thought that i wasnt post it yet. since i hv free time for myself i use it to write this post :p n like what this blog means https://blumontego.wordpress.com/blog-apa-ini/

you can read it or leave it, i dont need your acceptance, couse its all about me and how to accept myself

okey,, c u blog, hope we can spent quality time together, just both of us.. n i hope it’s not in very long time 🙂 gtg workin my life…hehe


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