i started the day by visiting pakualam to have a breakfast with a bowl of lontong padang, then visiting sasmitaloka museum. in this musium at first i thought that it would be better for me to explore independently so i will have time to take pictures. so i refuse an officer’s proposal to guide me arround. i walked to the museum after leaving my bag on his post and then suddenly a group of elementary school approached the museum, and it made me feel more glad since i might will get a good street photograph. so while i was learning about their collection i hunt for pictures. the story of my pictures is how the children or next generation exposed to the historical yet heroic event before independence of indonesia.



IELTS WRITING TASK 2 (Opinion Model Essay)

i recently read a writing book from mike wattie, and i found it was quite interesting and essay to understand since he give explanation along with the example of task, so we can have clear vision how to process a good essay. now i would like to share it with you by giving its summary.


boarding house mate

i was not felling well and want to breakfast out, and suddenly a boy who rent a room next to me, ask me to go find meal together. that was the first time he asked me after 3 months he has been moving here. then we talked about simple things and he was quite friendly but the way he act toward me is not common like my friends do. and at that time i just realized that he missjudged me hehe…

i knew it when he asked me during breakfast, his expression was lil bit shock after i said that i already get a job. then he make sure it by giving me another question, “have you graduate from your bachelor degree?”, ” yea of course”

then along the way home, he asked me again, “how long you have been working?”, “i has been working since 2009 in bappenas”, and he said “oh it was already long time, so what is your age?” , “im 30”, then he was shocked “what? i thought you are still working on your degree, or just recently graduated and find a job. you doesnt look like a 30s person. that was why i ask you that you are still workin on your bachelor degree”, then he change his opinion about me, i knew from his gesture, he acted differently. then i said something that made him shocked again, ” im married and im a father of 2 sons”, ” wow you already have 2 kids? your appearance not representing a father of 2 children”

that was not the 1st time people missjudged about my aged, 3 years ago i also was also misstaken as a highschooler, i dont know what they see about me? do i look like a child? or i do have childish behavior?


*just a flash blog to warm up my writting, i think i still need learn a lot, and i do make alot mistake

comparison between male’s and female’s convidence in english writing (assignment)


introduction :

topic sentence : on the pie chart they show us that woman students more confidence in writing rather than man even though the gap is not significant.
supporting : confidence level in english writing  are measured by 4 criteria including task assignment, coherence and clarity, vocabulary, grammar & accuracy.

topic sentence : the chart show us some facts about a confident criterion and an unconfident criterion they both possess.
supporting sentence : in the most covidence point for both of them is task assignment.
subsupporting sentence : female think they are not finding difficulty  in task assgiment, since 36% of female think that task asginment criterion is the easiest
supporting sentence : however, both of them are not really sure about his/him skill at grammar and accuracy
subsuporting sentence :because  the pie chart also show us confidence level  in grammar and accuracy – 16% for female and 13% for male – become his/him issue.

topic sentence : although they look similar to each other, they are slightly different if we see it carefully.
supporting sentence : on one hand, male is more confidence in coherence and clarity rather than female.
subsupproting sentence : male take 32% from their overall proportion but female only take 26% from their total proportion.
supporting sentence : on the other hand female more confident in 3 areas, which is task assignment, vocabulary, and grammar accuracy rather than man.

conclusion sentence : all in all, there are slight differences between male and female in percentages, but both pie chart have the same distribution proportion.
supporting idea : in addtion, male are  more superior in coherence & clarity, but female might be more superior in task assignment,vocabulary, and grammar.



poverty (assigment)

poverty is a major issue for government to solved. But before that, formulating strategies require comprehensive analysis on the causes of poverty, and on the impact of poverty in people’s life. then government might decide the best strategies for poverty issue.

the causes of poverty might be divided into 3 areas which are job opportunity, education, and cultural behavior. Above all, job opportunity will determine unemployment rate in a country.  the high rate of unemployment means that more people do not have income to run their live. then the lack of education reasons which prevent people to have proper job since the lack of professional skill, also become another important issue to solve in poverty eradication, because it might force them to have less option in  finding a proper job. the last reasons is cultural behavior. in other word,  cultural ceremony such as marriage ceremony, death burial ceremony, and eventual traditions ceremony, will cost them a lot of money more than they can earn. it will reduce their standard of living.

poverty also has bad impacts in poor people’s life. because it prevent them to have proper life since they have difficulties to fulfill basic needs. It prevent them to have better access for education since they do not have facilities to support education process.  It prevent them to have healthy life since they can not afford healthy care facilities. After all, these reason might also prevent poor people to grab the chances to improve the quality of their life.

as it is mentioned above – it is almost impossible for a poor person to improve the quality of his life – , then government’s interventions in eliminating the causes is inevitable to eradicate poverty. first, government need to create more job opportunity for the poor, so he might be able to have better life. second, they need to give more education access for the poor, because it may help building up one’s capacities. and the last interventions is economy development equity. when government spread the development in rural areas fairly, it will prevent future poverty issues in rural area.

all in all, since poverty is a trap for poor people, they need government’s hands to escape from poverty. government interventions are not inevitable anymore.



Past promise future regret

I thought I can do anything since I am free to manage my time, but as the time goes, it getting harder to maintain because my activitys getting intense. At first I want to have regular trip, I want to have regular Culinary hunt, I want to write a blog, but now I have additional wishes, I want to sumerize what I have learned, and study for ielts. These two things took so many times moreover I have less free time to work it out, since on the weekend I will facing prep test every Saturday 😅. but I’m not consistent if I leave this blogging things, but that is reasonable choice if I look it from importantce aspects. Do I need leave this? Idk I wish I can fullfil my past promise to write more for my blog so I won’t have future regret.  I will try my best to maintain my time efficiently. 

the causes of conflict

from the book of Personal Aggressiveness and War by E.FM.  Durbin and John Bowbly. the causes of the conflict is observered trough the behavior of Apes and Children. the result of the observation show the three reason why the conflict occure. first it caused by the fight to posses somethings, it can be matrial things or non material such as affection, attention, interest and so on. in this case often they show irrational actions. for example, when children fighting over toys, the end of the aggression sometime lead to destroying the thing which is being scrumbled. another irrational case involving possessifnes is when they have inconsistent judgment of the value. they will fight over something because others children want to have it even though the things was not used anymore. second causes of aggression act is when there is newcomer join children’s group or monkey group. the reason behind this act because of the fear of competition, new member in the group means there will be another rival to compete over the resources which are food, affection, toys and soon.  the last reason of aggression is fustration. frustration is a feeling that can make people dispointed because they can not achive what they are desired. then the effect sometime also not irrational, for example children will kick the box if they are prohibited to playing outside. these facts show us at primitive level conflict can occur because of irrelevant and hidden causes such as possession, competition, and frustration.

on dr isaacs’s observation – children become possessive over his unused things merely because other children want it – shows us they does not have permanent sense of  value. that fact show us a brute act, which is fighting over possession, among children or apes can be caused by such neither logical nor explainable reasons.

possessiveness, which is a cause for conflict, is an act caused by the advantages of the owner having the special right to the object that carries reliable and sustainable statisfaction. since there is only one owner to have better chance to reduce floss and unstatisfying felling. it is clear if they recognize this result, children and apes will use his resource and strenght to gain and protect the special right to possess the object


Why we need to write?

These are the reasons why I started a blog, because I realized somethings.
First, I realized that my brain is a volatile memory. They can’t keep everythings, and you can’t choose what you want to erased. So what happen if you had something useful or important but you unconsciously erase it? It would be trouble some for me, so why don’t I made some backup?

Second, everyone need a stage to express themself. Then what happen if you doesn’t have opportunity to express your idea, your emotions, and yourself? It would be stressfully right? So why don’t you make one, your own stage? So go write your thoughts, and distribute it if you have chances. And writing is the easiest way to collect and spread your thoughts

The third one, if you store your thoughts, memories, knowledge, and emotions through writing. You have a record of yourself, you have a copy of you, and if you read it again. It help you to find yourself, know who you are, and you will know how much you have progressed. It keep your life on the track, and help you to be a better person

And the last one, this is the most important reasons, I have principle “permudahlah jalan orang lain dan jalanmu akan dimudahkan” for me this idiom mean a lot to my life. If I were in trouble and I didn’t know how to overcome it. I Dont over think about it and I Don’t wanna be stressed. All I need is to find someone who need my help then help them. Trust me, you’ll get some help for your problem in unexpected ways. So based on that. I thought that if I share something that can make people happy, or can make people solve their problem,so I hope while im doing that, my life will be easier, I won’t find any Huge wall in my life if I facing one, I will overcome it .

So that’s my opinion why we need to write, then do you have reasons why you doesnt want to start to write? If you doesnt have reasons to not write, then just write some.

social media today

as we can see, social media today became part of our life it include old people and children who getting familiar with it. and they have different motives using social media, but unfortunatly some of them doesnt know the risk of using social media. so we are often hear from a newspaper, some crime using social media as a tool, for example we often read teenager is being kidnaped with their virtual friends who using social media to lure the victim. and not only that, children today who have familiar using social media, tend to mock his friend using social media, and become a real bullying activity when they meet each other at school. and the worst is, not only teenager and the children whose get the a bad effect of social media. some adult like to share unapropriate content such a pron, false information, on some provocative content.


at/in/on cheat sheet

as I promised before, now I will share cheat sheet for the use of at/in/on, sorry for the delay

please you can access it from this link

in at on

if you have some comments, please inform me, so I can improve my cheat sheet… thanks

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